The Missing Bridge

southbridge sne

Twenty or thirty years ago I remember my dad and I talking about the Grand Trunk railroad, or more accurately the Southern New England Railroad. I recall saying something about none of the bridges ever being completed. He told me that was wrong and there was one that he used to jump off when he was a kid. For some reason, I always thought this bridge was in Sturbridge where the line crossed the Quinebaug.

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The Railroad That Never Was Part 2

The Southern New England railroad, a.k.a. the railroad that never was has always fascinated me. In my last post, I showed some of the “bones” that still remain to be seen throughout my hometown of Southbridge. Today I have some more to share.

Southern New England RR – Tunnel Remnants

This is the best time of year to go searching for bones in the woods, although as I have learned they aren’t always in the woods. The snow is gone, the leaves have yet to leaf out and anything that fell during autumn is packed down leaving a clear view of what there is to be seen.

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