The Lies Our Parents Told Us

As I continuously creep closer to senility, I tend to think about the past more. For the last week or so I keep thinking back to the things adults would tell us that just weren’t true. Yes, it’s true, our parents told us lies. Now I’m sure they had their reasons, and some of them may have even been legitimate, but they were lies nevertheless. Here are some of the ones I remember.

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Scenes from an American Diner

Here is a post I pulled out of my draft pile.

Back in the late seventies or maybe the early eighties, Billy Joel had a song titled “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Italian Restaurants near me so I can’t describe any scenes from them. I suppose I could go to the nearest chain Italian Restaurant but is that really Italian? We had a nice Italian restaurant here in town, one that had been here for a long time. But the owner passed away recently and now it sits empty, no bottles of red, no bottles of white.

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I’ve finally set a retirement date. At least an official one, where I actually live off the government. The Government won’t pay me enough, so I will still have to work a part-time job, but it will be easier on me. Maybe you’ve noticed I have been writing more posts lately. Maybe I can start making money this way?

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That Stupid Rock

The name of this blog is Odds and Ends. I chose that name because I wanted it to be a place where I could write about anything, This post is of the Odd variety.

You know for fifty some odd years I would go out for walks in the woods to relax. I would smell the smells of nature, hear the sounds of the birds, the wind and the water. When I was done I would go home and be done with the whole experience until the next time. Then I came across that stupid rock.

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