A Pontification on Getting Old

So I started thinking the other day about getting old, more specifically, some of the things I have noticed about getting old. Now, I am not complaining about getting old, it happens to everyone, well unless you stop it and there is only one way to effectively do that, but cryogenics just doesn’t appeal to me.

Anyway, what started me thinking about all this was my weekly trip to the pharmacy. I used to think it was funny when my dad would go to the pharmacy and he was on a first name basis with everyone there because he was there so often, well guess what? But that isn’t what started me thinking. I realized that when I go to the pharmacy I always meet someone I know, whether an old friend or just an acquaintance. Normally these people are the same people I used to run into in one of the purveyors of alcohol establishments I used to frequent. You know, there just might be some kind of a connection there.

The thing is I don’t feel or look any older, well except for the fact it takes me a little bit to get the joints loose enough to be able to get out of bed in the morning. And there is the whole prostate thing going on. (Ah to go back to the days when I could just whip it out and go and not have to wait five minutes just to start.) At least it gives me time to memorize the phone numbers written on the stalls in the highway rest areas. Of course, I forget them by the time I leave but I try, not that it would do any good for me to call them anyway.

But other than that there really aren’t any changes, unless you count the fact that I can no longer grow hair where I want it (namely on the top of my head) but it has no trouble growing in my ears, nose, and eyebrows. Really, nothing has changed.

And just because it takes me a little longer to get places, that’s only because I want to take my time. We should all take the time to smell the roses whenever we can. Okay, so I don’t have any roses between the recliner and the bathroom, but there are other things to enjoy on the trip. Besides, there are roses outside the house where I park the car, I can smell those. Oh, that’s right, those roses aren’t there anymore, I had to stop trimming them because for some reason the pruning shears didn’t seem to want to close anymore. This was okay, they took on this wild look, unfortunately, they ended up being transplanted down the street on the side of the road. Who knew roses would root themselves in a ditch after un-sticking themselves from the undercarriage of a car that may not have seen them as it was backing out.

No, I pretty much haven’t changed much in the last forty years, why, I bet I could get up and run around the lake like I used to. Well, if I used to, but never actually ran around the lake, or the block for that matter, but had I did it then, why, I m sure I could do it now. In fact, maybe I’ll go do it right now… or maybe not, besides it is pretty near my bedtime.

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