Free Advice: Worth Every Penny

Lately, I have taken to signing up for free webinars and teleconferences about writing and marketing. I look at it this way, most of them are an hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes long, they only cost time, so if I learn only one thing that might help me, then the hour was worth it. If I don’t learn anything then it only cost me an hour of my time.

Sure there is a trade off in that I get added to a whole bunch of email lists, but then that is why they have “unsubscribe” links. It is the same with free eBooks. My hard drive is full of free eBooks on all typesbookshelf of subjects, heck, I have even read some of them. But again, if I learn one thing from them, then it was worth it. Yes, I understand the method to their madness, they will only give me enough to wet my appetite  so I will want more, and, of course, the “more” isn’t free. Although I will say this isn’t true for all of them. (Sales 101)

Anyway, I listened to one this week about writing books to help promote your business. The presenter made a statement that once you write or are in the process of writing a non-fiction book, you are now considered an expert on the subject. So I just published an eBook on Fibromyalgia, does this mean I am an expert on fibromyalgia? The point of this is that you won’t make money on the book, the real money is made through speaking engagements, consulting, or gaining new clients or customers. Makes sense.

Needless to say, this has got me to thinking, and anyone who ever reads this or the other blogs  I write, that always leads to trouble.

Of course, I would like to think that if I write a book, I actually have some experience in the subject, like with my fibromyalgia. So here is a list of potential books I might write based on my experiences.

  • If I don’t stop it will I really go blind – Myths we were told when we were kids and that have been dis-proven.
  • Your engine will seize if you don’t keep oil in it – Helpful tips to keep you vehicle running, especially when you have wives or teenagers .
  • You can spend it if you don’t have it – Tips on how to get so far behind you’ll never catch up.
  • Why put off ’til tomorrow what you can put off until next week – Teamwork tips. Sometimes, if you wait long enough someone else will do it for you.
  • I guess you don’t want the card then – Things to say when your spouse comes home on your anniversary and says she is seeing someone else and wants a divorce, and other special occasions.

What do you think? Would they sell? I have the experience. How about you – do you have any ideas? Leave a comment.

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