Another New Beginning

It seems that the last ten posts I published have gone missing. Off to cyberspace, it seems. Oh, I know what happened to them, just not where they went to. You see every once in awhile the computer wants to remind I am not quite as smart as I think I am, and this is what happens.

It’s okay that my posts have disappeared. To me, this is a sign of sorts. My guess is that something is trying to tell me to change direction in my writing. In what direction this is pointing me I can’t say and it certainly isn’t the first time I have changed direction. Let’s see, I’ve written about politics, local history, working from home topics and about my journey back to God. The last is the only one that I have kept at religiously (pardon the pun).

So what will this blog be about? How can I categorize it? Right now I have seven categories listed and I will try to stick to these. Pretty much it will be whatever happens to hit me at the moment.

Now if I can resurrect those last posts I will repost them but if not, they will be lost to history floating around in the big cloud in the sky.

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