The More Things Change

The more they stay the same. Today I spent some time looking at some of the blogs I created over the past years. The most popular one was called “It’s Clear as Mud” which doesn’t appear to exist anymore. Probably because I didn’t renew the domain name. I also wrote the “Sturbridge Tea Party” blog. Both of these were mostly about politics.

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My very first one was called “Behind a Dirty Windshield”, and that goes way back to the old AOL days when you could start a blog there, although I have no idea what they were called at the time. This blog dealt with just random things I would think about while I was making a living driving, hence the title. Pretty clever huh? Looking at some of the numbers, page views, shares and comments, I had forgotten how big they were. Not bad for a small town hack. I have been trying to recall exactly what I did to get those numbers.No automatic alt text available.

I assume most of it was due to the content. I did have some strong opinions back then, especially about politics. I joined the Tea Party movement and believed in its core values, Unfortunately, like many grassroots movements, it got sidetracked, subverted and hijacked by causes and people with their own agendas that strayed from the original platform, the core values. Because of this, the movement lost its momentum. The original movement is still out there, it is more behind the scenes than it used to be.

I was also a Conservative Republican, who definitely leaned to the right. Now I am truly an independent thinker. I am no longer a registered Republican, rather I am back to being unenrolled. The politicians I once believed in let me down when they became corrupted by the system, a system that is all about who has the most power, a system where people prostitute themselves forgetting who and what got them elected. While I still consider my self as a conservative thinker, there is no capital C. I still lean somewhat to the right although that may be because of my bad back.

But let me go back to the original idea of this post: The more things change the more they stay the same. Looking back at these posts nothing has changed much. We are still arguing about the same things. I stopped writing in those blogs about 2014. Then it was about how the Democrats were stalling bills in Congress and nothing was getting done. Now it about how the Republicans are doing the same. There are shades of 2010 when the Democrats had control of both houses and the White House, but nothing got accomplished. Now it is the other way around.

We talked about immigration then, we still are. We talked about gun violence then, we still are. We talked about the messed up healthcare system then, we still are. We talked about defunding Planned Parenthood then, we still are. In other words, nothing has changed. But I will say this, it sure was fun.

Now here is my question: If I write it will they come? Will I get the numbers I used to? Will I see comments again? I guess we’ll see

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3 thoughts on “The More Things Change

  1. Ah, Paul, you know there is no “the tea party” . . . There are only groups of capitalists getting together to try to bring the country back to its roots. Many of us have morphed into other groups and under different banners, but that is because the Tea Party brand was diminished because the MSM is so powerful and people are so brainwashed. The WTP is still strong and principled.

    Just don’t give up. Find an outlet. Stand up and be counted.

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