A Legend in His Own Mind

When did we replace rational, intelligent, calm discussion with shouting, vulgarity, and irrationality? Back in the old days, this kind of conversation was relegated to barrooms and pool halls. Now it takes place even on the national news. What happened?

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This morning I was going through my newsfeed and came across a story that caught my eye. “Bourdain: Casualty of Leftist Mindset” was the title and it was written by a gentleman named Lloyd Marcus. I agree with his thoughts but when I got to the comments I was struck by the complete lack of thought and respect in some of them. For example:

You’re a fncking ******* for dancing on people’s graves. Glad your daddy died. You deserve it.

What has this to do with anything? Is this the best this dude can do, calling the writer a vile name and disrespecting the writer’s deceased father? Further down the same dude says:

Give you your gun and eventually your baby momma will blow your brains out. Well, whatever brains meth didn’t burn off. Fncktard.

Again another intelligent remark. How do guns, baby momma and meth tie into this conversation? But then I guess you need to expect these things, after all, look at some of his role models. I started to compile a list of some recent examples and came across the tweet below.

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These are people who are national figures. They have a ready-made audience because of their “fame”, they are looked up to. Then, they open their mouths. I agree it isn’t only those on the left, there are some on the right who can be just as bad. Take Roseanne Barr for instance, she has had issues since way back to the time she disrespected the flag and the National Anthem at the Super Bowl a few years back.

Here is another series of quotes from another of the elite, John Legend. Now I admit, I have no idea who John Legend is, never heard of him. But reading this I learned all I need to know about him.

My question is this: Do these people really think this kind of “conversation” will actually get results? Inciting people to riot, not letting people into a business or telling them to shoot police officers might work for a short time, but it will turn against them at some point. Look at any of the revolutionaries in our history and you will find most of them were well-educated (even if only self-educated), well-read and could hold a conversation without spewing vulgarities the whole time. If someone disagreed with them they would listen, and if you could convince them with a rational argument they might even change their minds.

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It never ceases to amaze me how those who preach tolerance the loudest are the most intolerant of all. They are tolerant only as long as you agree with them. These revolutionaries fail to understand that if they get what their leaders want, they too will suffer. They rail against the top 1% and don’t understand that their heroes comprise a big chunk of that. There is a reason why communism, socialism, and dictatorships fail. In the struggle to make everyone equal, it will be the top 1% who will be more equal than others.

I remember back when John Kerry was running for president. I don’t remember his exact words but it was regarding the cost of living and he said something like “I understand how hard it is for the working families, I have the same problems.” Really? Was it one of the Bushes that was asked what the price of a gallon of milk was and didn’t know? (Although I wouldn’t expect he ever did any grocery shopping) Were we really expected to believe that Kerry knew what it was like to struggle? Are we really expected to believe that Barack Obama’s children have to worry about college tuition or healthcare?

I’m still on the fence about Donald Trump, but I will say one thing, at least he earned his money by running businesses.

Maybe if we all stopped shouting at each other, and replaced the anger with a calm and rational discussion we might just make the world a better place. But then I still believe in the Easter Bunny.

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