Beginnings and Ends

I have to admit it, I miss driving for a living. These days I spend my time sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen or my office mate or the same people that continue to come in and out of my office.

The view from my window never changes, I see the same tree, the same dumpster, the same brick wall. It’s certainly not like the days when I would spend all day looking through the dirty windshield, listening to talk radio and solving all life’s problems. Ahh, the good old days.

Although I guess when I really think about it maybe I should have spent more time paying attention to the road. No, I never hit anything or anyone, really hard anyway. But I did come up with some interesting blog posts and commentary. Now the only interesting things I think about are if one of my drivers is going to step on the gas instead of the brake while texting and driving and end up in the Quinebaug River.

I suppose I could start thinking (and writing) about politics again but I am so disgusted with it all everything would turn into a rant. Maybe I should write about the ridiculousness of life and the people who live in this crazy, out of control world of ours? Instead of being a truck philosopher I can be a desk chair philosopher.

The name of this blog is Odds and Ends. There are plenty of odds to write about, but what about ends? Are there really any ends? Isn’t each end a beginning? Or, conversely is every beginning truly an end? How is that for a piece of desk chair philosophy?

Now for a complete change of direction and some random thoughts.

I have been working on a volunteer project for my church, redesigning and updating the website. As part of this, I have been looking at embedding recordings of the weekly homilies, leading me to look at different podcast hosting options. As usually happens whenever I start researching things I began to stray from my original mission and was looking at various podcasts, much like when I write these posts. I looked at how many followers each had, what they were about and how often they may have posted. I came across one podcast with 1 post and one follower. It’s name? Heaven’s Gate.

Does anyone see the irony in this, why it would only have one post and one follower? It is like the time the former head of Planned Parenthood was bemoaning the fact that new, younger people weren’t joining the organization. It couldn’t be that all the potential members were aborted, could it?

If you know the story about Heaven’s Gate, you know that it was a group of people who believed the end of the world was coming and a UFO was going to pick them up and bring them to the new earth located in the outer heavens. Twenty-nine members, including the founder, committed suicide in 1997 believing the Hale-Bopp comet was the vessel that was going to take them away.

The question remains then: Were these people taken up into the comet? The world didn’t end so did they still go to a new world? If they have gone to this new world, why haven’t they said anything? Has there been any communication from them? Why haven’t they called for the remaining members to join them? Just makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Is this why there is only one follower and one episode of the podcast? Hmmm, makes one wonder. I will leave you with this question? Is the story of Heaven’s Gate a beginning or an end?

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