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A Thousand Words

We have all heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Here are a few recent pictures I’ve taken during my wanderings and my thoughts as to what they say to me. Not to worry though, I will only use one word. Feel free to let me know what they say to you.



The first picture is of a stone wall I came across earlier this year. This wall is in the middle of the woods. While I can’t date when it was built, my guess is it was made in the early 19th century. This wall is about three to four feet high. All of the stones came from tilling the fields. The amount of stones used tells me this was made over a period of several planting seasons. When you consider there were no power tools, no tractors, nothing but pure muscle, both human and muscle, a farmer needed to be dedicated to this life to live it.



The AO was the largest optical company in the world at one time. While there is not much left of the original company it has left a legacy throughout the world in the innovations that came from within its walls. This clock tower was the symbol of the reputation and the feelings of those who worked there.



This piece of metal is one end of a rail holder. It is alongside an abandoned railroad. At one time it was used to hold extra rails so they would be available for any needed repairs. This small tree has grown around it and it is alone and forgotten, probably unseen by anyone but me for fifty years.



Once a part of a large textile mill, this is one of two pieces that remain. All alone, probably unnoticed by those who pass by it every day. It continues to serve as a reminder of another time. Whether it was a better time or not, is not for us to say.



The other remaining structure, this tower stood watch over the rest of the mill, watching the comings and goings, making sure everything was in order. Today it watches over weeds and ruins. Maybe someday it will stand watch again.

Interested in purchasing these pictures? Send me an email at and let me know. I am contemplating selling them but in order to do so, there would be a small investment I would need to make. No, I’m not asking for money, but if I find there is enough interest where I would make a profit, I will set up a store. Thanks.

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