Post-Turkey Randomness

As the tag line at the top of this blog states, this is a place where I put random thoughts and ideas. On this day after Thanksgiving as I sit in a turkey-induced fog, what better time for me to share some of these.

  • What is going to happen to people after we are replaced by robots and computers? They shop, drive, cook, clean, do your banking, write, they do everything except eliminate your personal waste products. Who needs us?
  • A few weeks ago I went to one of our semi-official state agencies. I was the only one there. There were four people behind the counter. Do you think I could just walk up to the counter to conduct my business? Nope. I needed to take a number and wait for them to call me.
  • Is the world we live in actually more dangerous now than it was 20, 30, or 40 years ago, or is it only more dangerous because the news media has decided to make it so? You can’t turn on the news on your television, computer or radio, without hearing the word “dangerous”, “crisis”, “emergency”. or “alert”.
  • Do we really need to know what the “feels like” temperature is? Is there really any difference between an actual temp of 25 F and a feels like temp of 21 F? When it’s cold, it’s cold. When it’s hot it’s hot.
  • Keeping on the subject of weather, is it just me or has anyone else noticed if you turn on the local news (at least here in New England) you aren’t told what the weather will be today, but rather what it might be two, three, or more days away, depending on when the next weather emergency is scheduled?

I suppose you may think I have turned into one of those cranky, old, guys, who complain about everything, but I’m not. I just wonder what happened to the tough, independent, get-out-and-do-it attitudes I remember when I was young. I really did walk a mile to school every day, even when it snowed or was so cold your nostrils closed up. Ah, those precious memories.

Well, that’s all for now, the DoorDash dude is here with my left0over turkey.

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