Who pays the dime

When the dimes run out?

I admit there are a lot of things I don’t understand in life, and lately, with this pandemic, it’s truer than ever.

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It seems our esteemed governor has amended the latest travel protocols and now everyone who travels anywhere needs to be COVID tested before they can resume their in-state lives. I can understand this but here is what I don’t.

As I write this I am sitting in an urgent care facility waiting for a pre-employment drug screen. This is also a facility where coronavirus testing is being done. In the past thirty minutes five people have come in for a test. All but one have been turned away. It seems there is a shortage of tests. This particular place is only allotted ten of the immediate ones. (Number six just came in- refused)

What these people are being told by the lovely person at the desk is they need to call Sunday morning at 8 o’clock and hope they can get an appointment, as there are only ten. There hasn’t been any discussion about the rest of the week. So I have to assume these people who need results to go back to work have to wait. I’m thinking the odds are better at winning the lottery than getting an appointment on Monday.

There is another option and that is they can get the test where they can get the results in 10 to 14 days. For these you need to go on the Mass.gov website and sign up. Through this you can get an afternoon appointment. Not sure if there is a lottery on these as well. Probably not as these are billed to an insurance company. The others are cash.

So if you need a test to go back to work and you can’t get one then what happens? I guess you can live on the government dime? Where does the dime come from? The people who are working. What happens when the people who can’t work because they can’t get tested outnumber those who are working? Won’t those who are working decide they are better off not working? Then where does dime come from?

Oh well, I need to go pee in the cup now. Need to be able to work so someone else can get the dime.

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