I ain’t gonna lie

Whenever I hear someone start a conversation with “I ain’t gonna lie”, well, it scares me. Has everything this person told me up to this time been a lie? Have they never told the truth? I automatically go into “Here it comes” mode, you know like when you feel there is about to be some line of BS about something. “Honestly Dad, I ain’t gonna lie to you,, it wasn’t my fault I didn’t stop at that red light and ran into the police car.”

So I ain’t gonna lie. It’s been a long time since I have written anything. I started thinking about that today and, as I tend to do, I began analyzing why I haven’t. I started looking back at all the different blogs I have started and realized there was really only one that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. It was called “Behind the Dirty Windshield”.

This was my first one, and we all know we never forget our first. It was where I would write posts on any random thoughts I had as I was driving around staring out from behind the dirty windshield. (See what I did there?) The posts ran the gamut from humorous to serious, to things that may have happened to me in the past or things that I wish would happen in the future. I did a whole lot of driving then, now, not so much.

Why did I stop writing in this and my other blogs? I ain’t gonna lie, I just got tired of writing. I was burnt out. I had that blog, a Tea Party blog, a political blog, a religious blog, and some other assorted writing gigs I was doing. It became too much so I pretty much gave it all up. I don’t spend as much time behind the dirty windshield anymore but I still spend a lot of time in front of a dirty monitor thinking about things. Today I was thinking about starting to blog again.

Yes, I have renamed the blog, but it’s still the same old me writing. Well, maybe not exactly the same old me. Over the last few years, I have soured on politics. The last three presidents have been less than stellar and writing about politics isn’t as fun as it used to be. Not to mention more dangerous. When I wrote the “Behind” blog it wasn’t about politics, it was about life and those things we deal with every day. Things that make us go “Hmmm”. Things like “I’m not gonna lie to you.”

Welcome back. Feel free to comment and like and share and all that kind of stuff. And who knows, if I can ever figure out how to get videos from my phone to my laptop I may even do a v-log, then you can really see what it’s like “Behind the Dirty Windshield”.

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