There’s an App for that

Have you noticed that our lives have been slowly taken over by technology? Slowly isn’t the right word, technology has steamrolled over our lives. Some of us rely on our phones for everything.

There are apps to keep your appointments, track your physical progress, help you sleep, help you wake up, help improve your memory and run your life by analyzing your body’s bio-rhythms.

It wasn’t that long ago when we had to actually talk to people face-to-face. We spoke on the phone, and we wrote letters, using paper and pens (or pencils, or crayons for those of us who were not allowed near sharp objects). I remember writing a post when GPS systems first came on the scene, I refused to use one, Now it is almost a necessity for anyone. Not that they still don’t have the same issues they had in the past, the difference is now we have lost our sense of direction. “My GPS said this was a road,” said the customer to the tow truck driver who was pulling his truck from the river.

The problem with all of this technology is it has taken away our ability to think for ourselves. What happens when the GPS quits on you? “Recalculating”. I am still in the towing business, sort of, and so often our drivers will just follow the directions the GPS has given them and it isn’t until they are an hour late and the customer is calling us that we figure this out.

I saw a television commercial for an app called “Calm” or something like that. From what I can see from the commercial it tells you how to best live your life so you will be happy and healthy. It tells you when to wake up and when to go to sleep. In the middle, I guess it tells you what kind of mood you are in and whether you are working too hard. But then I think most people today have already decided they are working too hard and have dialed down their work lives accordingly.

What happens if you are exhausted and the app hasn’t told you it is time to sleep? Does it send out a laser beam to fill you full of electricity to wake you up? What about when the app says it’s time to go to sleep and you are driving on the Long Island Expressway going 75 miles per hour? Do you stop? If you don’t will that same laser beam stun you and make you sleep? These are all important things to think about.

Don’t even get me started on self-driving cars.

Well, that’s enough for today. My toilet app is telling me it’s time to go. Feel free to like, subscribe, comment, share, and all that other stuff and I will see you soon from behind the dirty windshield.

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