Under or Over

Which do you prefer – under or over? From the top or from the bottom? Now get your mind out of the gutter, I am not referring to what you are thinking. Rather I’m curious as to which way you prefer your toilet paper to unroll?

Now I suppose you are wondering why I’m asking this? Honestly until today I don’t think I ever gave it much thought. Although I did think about it when I was six or seven and one of my aunt’s yelled at me for putting a new roll in the dispenser the wrong way. I placed it so it unrolled from the top. She told me it was supposed to come from the bottom. This is the same aunt who told us we were only allowed to use one sheet at a time, and to fold it over.

What made me think of this was when I was relieving myself at work I was reading the wrapper on the spare roll on top of the toilet tank. We buy our toilet paper from a company called “Who Gives a Crap“. It is a non-profit organization that is doing all kinds of good, green things including building toilets around the world. (No, they are not paying me for this) On the wrapper was a blurb about the toilet paper was made to roll either from the top or from the bottom. This got me wondering about what difference does it make?

Obviously it must make a difference to some people if they needed to make the roll multi-unrollable. I truly can’t imagine what difference it makes. Admittedly I’m a from the top guy. I’ll even say I have been known to turn the roll over if someone puts it the “wrong” way. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps for the same reason I shake the jug of orange juice because when I was a kid all we had was frozen OJ and you needed to shake it up before using.

This brings up another question: Who is it in your household that takes off the empty roll and replace it with a full one? Do you ever see the empty roll still in the dispenser with a new roll on the sink? Or no new roll? Hmmm?

Something else just came to my mind regarding toilet paper. Do they still make different color toilet paper? There was pink, blue, yellow, and green as I recall. The problem was (and I know this from my days in the grocery business) the store would always run out of the three most popular colors and all that would be left was the least popular. The manufacturers would only sell the colored paper two colors to a box. You couldn’t just buy the most popular color, you had to buy it with half the box of the least popular.

Let me know if you are over the top, from the bottom, or if you have no preference. And give the folks at “Who Gives a Crap? a try even if only for s**** and giggles.

Click this link to go to Amazon’s toilet paper page.

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