No Pizza for You

Anyone who has followed my various writings through the years knows how much I just love technology. Look how easy everything is now. We can order anything we need through our phones, books, televisions, dog food, pizza, and… Oh, wait, let’s take pizza off the list.

Photo by <a href="">Alan Hardman</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

I have finally become somewhat comfortable with ordering products online. It took awhile but slowly I have begun to trust the process of not speaking to real people to order something. Until last night when I tried to order pizza through the little red, white, and blue app on my phone. Actually last night was the third time I tried in a week and was unsuccessful.

I admit it, my better half and I are lazy. We get home from work and are too tired to cook so we tend to order out. A lot. She has an affinity for cheese pizza. As for me I like anything. At least once a week we use the little red, white and blue app to have pizza delivered. On Monday I loaded the app but it didn’t work. I received an error message advising me the store I patronize is unable to process online ordering and I should call the store. There was even a button I could push to do all that work for me. I called. No one answered the phone.

So I figured maybe the store was closed due to a power outage. Things happen. I tried to connect in the middle of the week. Again the red, white and blue app told me the store couldn’t accept online orders. I thought it must be my app so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Same result. My better half tried to order on the laptop. Same result. We moved on to another option. No one answered the phone.

Last night we tried the red, white , and blue app again. Yup, same result. Tried using the laptop, same result. This time I tried to call the store. They answered so we were in. Pizza tonight! Or maybe not. The problem began with the first question, pick up or delivery? Delivery please. Okay you’re going to pick it up? No, I want it delivered. Okay what is your address. We got the number correct but we got stuck on the street name. Webster? West? Worchesterer? I was put on hold. I’m sorry could you give me the address again? I hung up.

My better half decided she would give it a try, after all she is far more patient than I. I took the dog out for a walk. When I came back in she asked me where else we should go? She did get further than I. It was a struggle but she managed to get the correct address to the other end of the phone. Then she was put on hold. When the person came back on she was told they were very sorry but they didn’t deliver to our area. That’s when she hung up.

We have lived at this same address for over five years, only changing the apartment we live in. We have had a delivery using the red, white , and blue app on an average of once a week since we have been here. We have seen the red, white, and blue sign on the top of the delivery vehicle each time. We are less than three miles from the store. “We don’t deliver to your area.”

Maybe I should call the manager? Or maybe not.

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