That Stupid Rock

The name of this blog is Odds and Ends. I chose that name because I wanted it to be a place where I could write about anything, This post is of the Odd variety.

You know for fifty some odd years I would go out for walks in the woods to relax. I would smell the smells of nature, hear the sounds of the birds, the wind and the water. When I was done I would go home and be done with the whole experience until the next time. Then I came across that stupid rock.

You see one day I came across this stone just sitting there in the middle of the woods. It is about four feet high and maybe three feet wide at its base. There is nothing around it. It isn’t at a road junction. It isn’t on a property boundary. So what is it and how did it get here?

I spent hours searching for information on what it might be. I didn’t think it could be natural unless it fell from the sky. I thought it might be deposited by a glacier but I don’t think it would be as firmly placed as it is. It looks man made, or man placed.

My research has taken me on an educational journey I never expected to go on. I have been learning on the early history of the area. I have learned about colonial times. I have learned about the indigenous people of the area. I have learned biology, archeology, anthropology, geology, scientology, everything. Okay the last one isn’t true.

I can’t even go riding around without looking for old walls and foundations on the side of the road. Is that an old mill? Is that a split boulder with a cairn? Is that stone wall an effigy? How come that tree grew like that? Is that an old railroad track? Was that building a bank? I just can’t enjoy the ride anymore.

Alright, maybe that’s not all true. Now that I am taking the time to actually learn about the things I see, the more I am enjoying. I’m even thinking about writing an eBook about it.

Oh, and about the stupid rock, I still am not sure what it is. I have a lot of maybes, but nothing definite yet. I’m leaning towards it being a standing stone. It may have been placed there 1000 years or more ago by the indigenous people of the area. Click here for a link to some standing stone photos. The problem with this one is there is nothing related around it. There are no other Native American Ceremonial Stone Structures. If you place a compass on the notch on the stone it does show a north/south axis. However it doesn’t appear to point to anything.

So what is it? It’s that stupid stone that causes me to lose sleep.

You can join me on my explorations via YouTube. Here is the link: The Wayward Walker

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