A Dark and Dreary Day

It’s the first day of fall here in New England. Technically I guess it is the first day of fall everywhere. And a dark, dreary, damp day it has been. It IS one of those days that I tend to get depressed while I am driving to a destination.

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I ain’t gonna lie

Whenever I hear someone start a conversation with “I ain’t gonna lie”, well, it scares me. Has everything this person told me up to this time been a lie? Have they never told the truth? I automatically go into “Here it comes” mode, you know like when you feel there is about to be some line of BS about something. “Honestly Dad, I ain’t gonna lie to you,, it wasn’t my fault I didn’t stop at that red light and ran into the police car.”

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The Tuesday Ticker #1

Watching the morning local news (yes, I know calling it news is a stretch), I have been struck by several random thoughts and questions concerning the current state of affairs in the country.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Disney World in Florida is reopening. You must have your temperature taken when you enter the park. Is your temperature taken before or after you pay the admission fee?
  • Here in Massachusetts, we will now be able to vote by mail. Does anyone else foresee a whole bunch of late-arriving ballots after the November election? Where will they be found – the Post Office, the mailroom at your city or town hall, some random mail carriers postal truck?
  • Here is some typical Democrat logic: Because the ballots will be hand-written, there will be no chance of fraud. Think about that for a minute.
  • When do we see the new color for the Executive Mansion in the District of Columbia? 
  • Now that we have the “new normal” what exactly was the “old normal”?
  • Since anyone can be offended by any sports team name, I suggest we give all teams gentle names such as the names of flowers. There is something pretty intimidating about the New England Daisies, don’t you think?
  • It seems that Massachusetts is going to take over the operation of the Bourne and Sagamore bridges from the Army Corps of Engineers. How soon after the change will the Electronic Toll Collectors be installed?
  • Seems the Government wants to not allow people to use apps from China such as TikTok, (whatever the hell that is). They are afraid that users’ information will be collected by the Chinese Communist Party. I sure am glad our government doesn’t collect any personal information about us from social media. 
  • Finally, there are two stories on Boston 25 News this morning. One on how the “T” is adding bus express lanes to some of the city streets to make the commutes quicker and encourage more people to ride the bus and decrease vehicles on the roads.. The second is how the “T” is not doing enough to stop the spread of COVID, which when you think about it is encouraging fewer people to take the bus and use their cars. 

So there you have it, some random thoughts from watching the morning news for a mere 60 minutes. 

Please feel free to share and comment. It will certainly encourage me to get back into writing again. 


A Pontification on Dead People

I bet you all thought I was one of the “dead people” since it has been some time since my last post. No, I can assure you that I am alive and semi-well just very busy with some editing jobs. So all of you loyal readers of my blog can now rest easy, I am here. Okay, so maybe I don’t have a whole lot of loyal fans since I this is only my sixth post, but someday, who knows. Continue reading “A Pontification on Dead People”

A Pontification on Bridges


I was thinking the other day about bridges, highway bridges to be specific. After all I do seem to spend a lot of time either crossing them or going underneath them. Now I suppose you are asking yourself “What could this guy possibly be thinking about highway bridges?” And that would be a good question unless you live in Massachusetts like I do and where every time we cross a bridge we have to worry about whether it will fall or not. However, that isn’t what I was thinking about. Continue reading “A Pontification on Bridges”

A Pontification on Ice Fishing


I started thinking the other day about ice fishing. You see I was traveling through northern Vermont where there is still ice on the lakes and people ice fishing. Honestly, I just don’t get the point. After all, if you need ice just put water in your freezer or go to the store and by a bag. Do you really need to sit out in the cold trying to catch it? Okay, I  know when you are ice fishing you aren’t trying to catch ice. But I still don’t get the point, therefore I pondered on it for awhile and hence, this pontification. Continue reading “A Pontification on Ice Fishing”