A Dark and Dreary Day

It’s the first day of fall here in New England. Technically I guess it is the first day of fall everywhere. And a dark, dreary, damp day it has been. It IS one of those days that I tend to get depressed while I am driving to a destination.

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I ain’t gonna lie

Whenever I hear someone start a conversation with “I ain’t gonna lie”, well, it scares me. Has everything this person told me up to this time been a lie? Have they never told the truth? I automatically go into “Here it comes” mode, you know like when you feel there is about to be some line of BS about something. “Honestly Dad, I ain’t gonna lie to you,, it wasn’t my fault I didn’t stop at that red light and ran into the police car.”

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A Pontification on Dead People

I bet you all thought I was one of the “dead people” since it has been some time since my last post. No, I can assure you that I am alive and semi-well just very busy with some editing jobs. So all of you loyal readers of my blog can now rest easy, I am here. Okay, so maybe I don’t have a whole lot of loyal fans since I this is only my sixth post, but someday, who knows. Continue reading “A Pontification on Dead People”

A Pontification on Ice Fishing


I started thinking the other day about ice fishing. You see I was traveling through northern Vermont where there is still ice on the lakes and people ice fishing. Honestly, I just don’t get the point. After all, if you need ice just put water in your freezer or go to the store and by a bag. Do you really need to sit out in the cold trying to catch it? Okay, I  know when you are ice fishing you aren’t trying to catch ice. But I still don’t get the point, therefore I pondered on it for awhile and hence, this pontification. Continue reading “A Pontification on Ice Fishing”